Jefferey Wotherspoon

Executive, Leadership, and Life Coach.

Jeffrey is an Executive, Leadership, and Life Coach, International Trainer and Conflict Resolution Specialist with a Psychology BSc (Hons). In addition, he is a Master Coach Trainer for the ‘MOE Foundation’; a Trustee for two charities ‘Peer Power’  and Jubilee Primary school and on the Advisory Board for ‘Culture at Work’- a leading global Coaching company that offers Coach Training to Senior Executives worldwide.

Jeffrey’s work centres around providing solutions for individuals, teams, and organisations that bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be.

Jeffrey is experienced in the field of coaching and training. He works with a full range of professional roles from C-Suite to those early on in their careers. He also works across several industries with clients such as Sony Music Entertainment, Capital One,  National Education Union (NEU), London & Quadrant Group (L&Q Group) & multiple local authorities across the country. In addition, Jeffrey also uses his time to coach those who would not ordinarily have access such as young men in prison and underrepresented young women.

Jeffrey’s background is in youth work, with extensive experience in the criminal justice system. Over the years he has worked on the frontline with some of the UK’s most vulnerable young people who were involved with gangs, county lines and serious youth violence as well as working with adult high-risk offenders. Jeffrey has also been involved in the creation and delivery of virtual reality experiences as an alternative training method for practitioners and carers in topics such as Child criminal and sexual exploitation and serious youth violence.

In summary, Jeffrey uses his skills in connecting with people and his passion for developing the potential to enable those he works with to become the best versions of themselves.

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