Geeta Subramaniam-Mooney

Corporate Director Brighter Futures

Geeta is amongst some of the most qualified and accomplished senior leaders in Local Government and strategic public protection managers in English local government. She has over twenty years’ experience of operational, strategic and partnership leadership in Local Government including knitting together people and place services including children services, policing, community safety, preventative services, health and commissioning. “

In addition to her qualifications and experience, Geeta is a driven and passionate leader. She has strong foundations in public service allied to a strong streak of social entrepreneurship. Geeta’s acknowledged expertise means that she has a wide influence across local, city-regional and National policy. She has a strong track record in piloting initiatives and delivering positive outcomes. As well as being a key advisor with a strong brand and reputation, Geeta is a clear, transparent and accountable decision maker. A true systems leader.

"I am so proud and privileged to be Newham’s Children and Young People’s Commissioner."

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