Amani Simpson

Storyteller, social entrepreneur and youth coach

AMANI SIMPSON is an award-winning storyteller, social entrepreneur and youth coach. His social enterprise Aviard Inspires CIC, exists to empower young people through personal development, digital media and enrichment activities.

He is also the producer and protagonist of the ‘AMANI’ Short Film starring Joivan Wade (The First Purge, Shiro’s Story and Doom Patrol) which amassed 1 million views in 4 days and has been widely acclaimed by both youth and adults. It has now had over 3.7 Million views! Amani uses his inspiring story, lived experience and expertise in youth engagement to transform lives and reach broad audiences of often underserved youth within his community and across the UK.

Amani is committed to creating a lasting legacy for the next generation and in celebration of Black History Month (Oct 2020), Amani was recognised as a BHM Next Gen Trailblazer by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. In June 2021, Amani was awarded the Governor-General’s Diaspora Achievement Award for Excellence from his mother country Jamaica for his work supporting young people with their mental health before and during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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